Workshop – Voxels, robots and lights


In this workshop we will simulate the assembly process of reconfigurable objects using long exposure photography and precise robotic positioning of lights. In the first step students learn how to capture volumes using 3D scanners. In a second step students will voxelize these 3D models and then in a third step materialise them using robotic controlled lights voxels as the medium. The nature od medium allows for a playfull interaction with the subject as imposible objects are possible. The workshop should prepare students for physical assembly processes, but also expose them to the concept of fast reconfigurable objects. “With the use of robots and other digital fabrication tools, many materials can be used to create a form of ‘digital matter’, a term used here to describe the three-dimensional realization of digital images through the use of voxels, or volumetric pixels. Recent developments in the field of nanotechnology show a future in which materials are no longer static, but can be remodeled over and over again”.